Be Glad Your Name Is Not John Smith

Occasionally, I Google my own name to see what comes up. Save the e-mails about my ego. I am hoping that I will find links to our company website, links to my LinkedIn page, my blog, and other industry associations I am apart of.

What I hope not to find are links to any other “Larry Claymans” that are up to no good out in the world. In a recent search, I found a link that stated F**K Larry Clayman. Quite disturbing but in this case, it was a Larry Clayman who is head of a group called Judicial Watch and is sometimes a controversial or polarizing figure. This was on Page One of a Google search for my name. OUCH!

What can I do about it? Not much. The only thing I can hope to do is to create enough links about the “good” Larry Clayman (that would be me, dear reader) so as to push the link to the “bad” Larry Clayman off of page one. Easier said than done but that is one of the reasons why we recommend having as many different opportunities as possible for someone to find you or your company or products. You never know through which door they will come—and ultimately it doesn’t matter which door they come through as long as they enter.

If you do not have a common name (and my last name is not that common), you will have fewer issues in this area. But if you have a very common name such as John Smith, you can be assured that among all of the “good” John Smiths, you will have to fight for your position among all of the “bad” John Smiths. Good luck with that one.

Go ahead. Try Googling your name and see what you find. You might be surprised. I would be interested in hearing about your experience.

Oh yeah, don’t feel that you are an ego-maniac for Googling your own name. It’s all in the name of research, you know.


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