Micro Marketing to Success

It’s summer and that means our family makes frequent trips to the local farmer’s market down the street from our office. They grow the best bi-color corn in the world (in my opinion–and my opinion is shared by many others). Their corn fields litter either side of the street and my mouth begins to water as the stalks grow taller and taller as the Summer grows hot.

We didn’t need to be sold on the quality of their product but they must feel that some people do. So this year, they engaged in a campaign of micro marketing that really got my attention. We got a call the other day from Graf’s Growers asking how many people work at our office because they wanted to reach out to their “neighbors” and drop off some free corn so we could try their product. When I heard about this, I thought it was a joke. Who would do this?

Well, it wasn’t a joke. A couple of hours later, in walks a nice young man carrying separate bags of 4 ear of corn each for every member of the staff. Included was a nice insert that explained their desire to get to know their neighbors and some tips on how best to cook corn. I was completely blown away. This was micro marketing at its best. Even though I was already one of the converted, this marketing ploy made me feel even better about the good people at Grafs than I already did. And imagine how some of the people who had not yet tried their corn had to feel with this amazing gesture. I’m sure they made some friends for life.

Let’s say they gave out 500 ear of corn (that would be reaching 125 people as each person got 4 ear). At their retail price of .59 per ear, that would equal a marketing cost of $295. Add in a little for the accompanying printed materials and the time it took someone to look up phone numbers of the neighboring companies and reach out to them, and a gallon or two of gas to deliver the corn and the whole thing comes in well under $400. Now keep in mind, their cost for the 500 ear is far less than .59 per ear so the actual cost of the campaign is even much lower. Now, let’s say out of the 125 people that received their corn that 75 really liked it and ended up buying two dozen ear over the rest of the summer. That’s 1800 ear of corn @.59 each or $1,062. Not a bad ROI on their little micro campaign.

I don’t think that is thinking small. I think it is thinking big and thinking creatively.
It’s taking social marketing out of the computer and playing it out in real life.

We like to talk about target marketing in our business and it certainly makes the most sense to direct your marketing dollars to those most likely to purchase your product but what if you went one better like Grafs corn did? What if you took a chance on micro marketing?
Let me know if you want to talk about how we could adapt this concept to your business.


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