When The Teacher Becomes the Student

My daughter Margie recently celebrated her 6th anniversary at Clayman Advertising. As with any family/business dynamic, it hasn’t always been peaches and cream. Like any seasoned professional, I thought I knew it all. And like any smart offspring, she was sure she had all of the answers. She came to marketing a little late in life after earning graduate degrees in both library science and history. But once she got the bug, there was no curing her disease.

I have taught her a lot about what I have learned about marketing over the 30+ years I have been practicing my craft and more recently, she has been the driving force for promoting social media to our clients. At first, I was slow to the dance. I didn’t see how our business-to-business clients would benefit. And in this world of “show me the ROI”, I had serious doubts about whether we would be able to deliver the goods. But I am now seeing the light. More importantly, what I am reading in the business press is supporting what she has been saying from the start.

There are many reasons to ramp up your social media efforts. Not all of those reasons will be relevant to your company but here is one reason that is relevant to any company with a website. We have all learned the growing importance of incoming links to the overall success of our search position. Having a strong social media program in place is like having your own traffic cop at a major intersection directing everybody to go down YOUR street. Whether it is youtube videos, Facebook, a Twitter feed or a blog, this traffic is the food upon which your website feeds. Add to this the chance to develop real, meaningful relationships with potential customers, partners, etc. and it is not hard to see how social media can play a role in your marketing efforts in the immediate future.

In the current issue of B2B Marketing. a recent survey quotes some interesting results. This year, 29% of marketers plan to increase their budget for social media while 56% plan to provide additional resources for social media. That’s significant traction in a short period of time. You can continue to say “that’s stuff my kids do” or recognize that the time for social media marketing is here–whether you like it or not.

If you are a client of Clayman Advertising, be prepared. You will likely see a social media component to our proposal for you this year. Don’t reject it out of hand. The time is here.

And by the way, I am not the only Clayman with a blog. Want a different perspective?
Check out Margie’s blog.


One comment on “When The Teacher Becomes the Student

  1. Dear 21st Century “Mad” Man,
    I was fortunate enough to meet Margie via her brilliant, clever Twitter Tweets promoting social media, your agency and the Clayman Blogs just by being there via a very professional and subtle approach. That's how I got here. She has taught me and many others that follow her a great deal about the essential integration of social media as an essential component in today's marketing. I value Margie as a marketing and social media mentor and now as a friend.
    Thank-you I enjoy both Margie's and now your Blogs,

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