The Compliment Sandwich

When our graphic designer recently informed me that I had delivered a “compliment sandwich”, I must confess, I had never heard the term before. But the more I thought about it, the more I realized that I had probably offered up a number of compliment sandwiches, such that I could probably open a a compliment sandwich shop should I wish to. For those less informed like me, a compliment sandwich is a compliment sandwiched between layers of not so complimentary bread.

In practice, it might go something like this. “Hi Judy. I really like your new outfit. That’s weird because I thought they had discontinued that style”OR “That new ad is really eye catching but I was wondering if you really like the logo in that position and what if that dominant color was green instead of blue?”

I was always of the belief that you should add a little sugar to make the medicine go down but given recent reports that sugar is even more toxic than we thought, maybe that wasn’t such a good idea to begin with.

Given my designer’s reaction to the compliment sandwich, I am now giving thought to not serving these two dishes (compliments and criticisms) on the same platter. For starters, maybe I’ll just serve it open faced. Less starch and possibly more tasty.


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